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Bret Michaels Rock Of Horndog!

brett michaelsbrett michaelsellen

Rock performer Bret Michaels
surprised Ellen Degeneres on
her U.S. chat show on Thursday,
when he presented the comedienne
with a bouquet of Valentine’s
Day flowers.
World Entertainment News
is reporting Feb. 15th,

The Poison singer,
who is searching for
a brief fling sex partner,
I mean soul mate,
on his hit reality show
Rock Of Love,
also gave a hoarse DeGeneres
a packet of Vicks Cough Drops
to aid her recovery from
a bad cold.

Bret told Ellen,
“Happy Valentines.
You’re the best-looking
sick person I’ve ever seen.”

“And you are one horny

horn dog of a serial kisser,

you horn dog!”

Ellen was not

quoted as saying,

fearing she would

make Bret cry,

which would ruin his

carefully applied guy liner.

____Battle Of The Bulge:
__-_Winehouse VS Michaels

How many tube socks.

is Bret Michaels packing

in his underwear in

the above photo?


One tube sock


Two tube socks


All of the above

Answer –


____._Mae West

____“is that a tube
____sock in you’re
____underpants or
__._are you glad to
-______see me?”


Link below in GREEN

Bret Michaels’ Snapple


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  1. amber looks worse than ever u have bad taste

  2. Just Surfin, luv the photos

  3. Thank You so much
    for the kind words Melissa,
    Thank You for reading 22MOON!


  4. You are to sexy , looking to good.

  5. kelly

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