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Kelly Osbourne insists only perverts find love on the Net

Kelly OsbourneKelly Osbourne
TV star only because her Dad is famous Kelly Osbourne has lashed out
at men who use the Internet to find dates, labeling them “sexual predators”,
WENN is reporting Feb. 5th.
Ms. Osbourne insists the web is a “perverted” place to find love, and would never even consider it as an option if she needed a partner.Osbourne says, “I’d never go on one of those online dating sites. It’s weird.  It’s full of sexual predators.  The Internet was created for knowledge and now it’s perverted.”

Kelly much rather prefers the drunken idiots she meets in clubs who

only date her because her Dad is famous, she failed to add.

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  1. Yeah, I’m just not sure on this –
    can never make my mind up.

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