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Dee Snyder and Bobbi Brown bunk mates?

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Former bad boy Bobbi Brown and rocker and bad actor
Dee Snyder (StrangeLand, 1998) have caused friction on the set
of celebrity reality show Gone Country – because they don’t get along.
WENN is reporting Feb. 4th.
Brown reveals, “I’m an alpha male and he thinks he’s one… We roommate together and that’s just sick.”The My Prerogative hitmaker admits Twisted Sister frontman Snider is most annoying at bedtime: “Dee Snider needs his coffee plus he wants to sleep; how do you drink coffee and go straight to sleep?”

Synopsis of Strangland, produced, written by and staring Dee Snyder.
“Angela meets a man called Captain Howdy on the Internet and makes a date with him.
He turns out to be a psychopath and strings her up with her lips sewn shut.
Her father is one of the detectives assigned to the case, and they catch the culprit.
However, he is released from the mental hospital only a few years later and the angry
townspeople try to lynch him. He survives and wreaks his revenge,
both on the vigilantes and Angela.”
This is also one of the all time worst movies ever made, it is so bad.

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