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Batman feared George Clooney would ruin his movie

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Actor George Clooney feared he had ruined his thriving Hollywood career
because he appeared as the lead in the 1997 flop Batman And Robin,
WENN is reporting Feb. 5th.
The Academy Award winner doubted his reputation would recover after playing the superhero in the critically mauled movie,
but claims the bad reviews enabled him to choose better projects for future roles.

George Clooney was quoted as saying, 

“At that point I realized I’d better start picking better.

“My next three movies were Out Of Sight,

Three Kings and O Brother, Where Art Thou? It was,

‘Ok, at last I understand now what I want to do.”





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  1. F***** George Clooney…you ruined Batman worse than Val Kilmer and that’s saying something -.-

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