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Political predictions for 2015

January 2, 2015

D.J. Dolce tells of future ‘President America’ wrestling Vlad Putin

Betty Page – The Queen Of Pain’ video

January 2, 2015

‘Queen of Pain’ – VIDEO – The Cramps
Betty Page dessous affriolants photothèque
Betty Page erotic lingerie and high heels photos – video

British babe Charlotte Crosby dropped from size 16 to 8 in six months

December 28, 2014

She went on an intense fitness regime after a series of unflattering pictures emerged of her on a beach in July.

And on Saturday, Charlotte Crosby decided to show her fans the effects of her hard work by posting a photo of her newly slimline figure.

One picture saw the Geordie Shore star display her flat stomach in a lime green one-shoulder crop-top, which she teamed with a pair of black hot pants.

D.J. Dolce found more idiots to expose

December 27, 2014


Liberals don’t care about black Americans

December 21, 2014

If black lives matter, and we all know they do, we need to work to end the unnecessary and early deaths of black people. It’s not enough to look at one minor source of black mortality – shootings by law enforcement officers – and ignore the reasons for the vast majority of black deaths.

Call it The Obama Rule

December 17, 2014

Call it The Obama Rule. When will our president do something he wants to do that the Constitution or morality prohibits? When he can get away with it.

Three minutes of all-out intermittent exercise per week improves endurance – lower blood pressure

December 15, 2014

Meth muddled madman bursts through bedroom window to hold gun on woman

December 14, 2014

A 61-year-old woman got handed quite the unlucky day this week when she saw a man jump over her back fence, break through her bedroom window, and then hold a gun on her.

But the south Portland nurse had a few crucial things working in her favor: namely her ability to think quickly…and her training with regard to psychiatric patients.

At first, though, it was out-and-out terror: ”I didn’t scream. I didn’t have it in me to scream,” the victim, who asked for anonymity, told the Oregonian of Wednesday’s incident. “It was just this guttural, ‘oh my God!”’

Image source: Multnomah County Sheriff
Keith Paul Mitchell (Image source: Multnomah County Sheriff)
When she tried to run from her house, the man wouldn’t let her. ”I just said to him, ‘Please don’t kill me!” she told the paper.

After she observed him removing the window screen he’d knocked in and wiping it down with a towel, she told the Oregonian she saw her chance to diffuse the situation. “I said, ‘Oh, you’re really tidy.”

Could Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent as President and Vice President fix America?

December 8, 2014

That’s where the controversial rock legend posted this picture of he and his wife Shemane alongside former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her husband Todd. “Had a wonderful day with Sarah & Todd Palin at our home on SpiritWild Ranch in TX today,” he reported. “Great Americans, great people, great patriots & great warriors on the side of good in this vile culture war against the America haters & subfleebs on the mongrel left.”


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