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Dr. Alma Bond puts Hillary Clinton on the Psychoanalyst’s couch

August 26, 2015

Hillary Clinton is a lonely woman who has trouble expressing her feelings.

So says Dr. Alma Bond, a psychoanalyst and author who holds a PhD from Columbia University and did post doctorate studies from the Freudian Society. She has been studying Hillary Clinton from afar for many years.

The Democratic presidential candidate has difficulty with men and she needs a woman friend on her same political level that she can share strategy or top secret events of the day.

Dr. Bond suggests that Hillary, 67, has unsuccessfully looked for a female equal for years, despite the closeness of her assistant and closest aide, Huma Abedin

‘Victor Frankenstein’ movie trailer

August 23, 2015

The legend of Frankenstein gets an update in the first look at the new trailer for 20th Century Fox’s Victor Frankenstein.

Told through the perspective of the assistant Igor (Daniel Radcliffe), the film follows young medical student Viktor von Frankenstein (James McAvoy) as he attempts to bring the iconic monster to life.

As can be seen in the trailer, the film takes a more comic, Young Frankenstein-like approach to the Mary Shelley classic. McAvoy and Radcliffe’s characters share a kind of “bromance” as they work on their experiments.

Trump vs Saunders would be TV ratings gold – VIDEO

August 13, 2015

Exclusive: Molotov Mitchell notes, ‘the similarities aren’t lost on The Donald’

“Well, I’m not gonna leave you alone. I want you to get MAD!” – Howard Beale

August 8, 2015

Where do you draw the line?

Planned Parenthood does not provide Mammograms – and other lies they tell

August 7, 2015

A woman walks into a Planned Parenthood clinic wanting to know if she’s pregnant, and if she is, can she get an abortion.

She may receive a number of services including a pregnancy test, an RH Type test, an ultrasound, an antibiotic, some birth control pills, the morning after pill, and “other tests as needed”—oh yes, and an abortion.

Note that all these “services” are directly related to just one patient getting an abortion. Yet, Planned Parenthood counts the abortion as only one service among 8 or more. When Planned Parenthood repeatedly claims that their abortion business is only 3 percent of their total activities, this is how they arrive at it

Only one Republican candidate dares desire Border Jumper Wall

August 7, 2015

It’s still all the Donald. He was the big man on stage.

They challenged him in that first question about supporting the eventual nominee — whomever it may be — and he was right to refuse. The issues he represents cannot be subordinated to party. One wishes he had hammered the immigration point in that first question, by saying: “Any candidate who doesn’t respond to the threat of uncontrolled immigration cannot represent me.” He’d better understand that’s his signature issue. Other than that, he sounds informed, smart, and presidential. Brilliant on Obamacare. Brilliant on giving money to politicians. Brilliant on immigration.

4th creepy Planned Parenthood Video revealed

August 5, 2015

Another Planned Parenthood executive has been caught on video discussing the prices for the bodies of unborn babies, noting that “it’s all just a matter of line items” for “intact fetal cadavers” or dissections from them.

It’s the fifth video in a series being released by the Center for Medical Progress, which set up a fake company and sent investigators undercover into Planned Parenthood abortion businesses to investigate whether body parts were being sold.

Under federal law, it’s illegal to buy or sell body parts of the unborn.

Obama donor Judge blocks Planned Parenthood VIDEOS

August 2, 2015

Judge William H. Orrick III, the federal judge who granted a temporary restraining order against the release of further videos depicting Planned Parenthood medical officials’ participation in the sale of the organs of aborted babies, is an Obama appointee and a major bundler and donor for Obama’s presidential campaign.

Liberals lust to boss everyone else around

July 31, 2015

Exclusive: Molotov Mitchell takes aim at Sen. Graham’s presidential candidacy


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