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American wages down %23 since 2008

August 12, 2014

U.S. jobs pay an average 23% less today than they did before the 2008 recession, according to a new report released on Monday by the United States Conference of Mayors.

‘Lucy’ movie review and trailer

August 8, 2014

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Natcy Pelosi cherry picking the Bible to support an open border with Mexico

July 27, 2014

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Planned Parenthood counselor tells teen to let her boyfriend beat her

July 26, 2014

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Allison Stokke strongly sexy snapshots – Part FOUR of FOUR

June 25, 2014

Allison Stokke erotic perfect muscled arms and legs photos

Allison Stokke strongly sexy snapshots – Part THREE of FOUR

June 24, 2014

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Pamela Geller on Hannity Show “Radical Muslims on the March” – VIDEO

June 23, 2014

I appeared on the Hannity Investigative special, “Radical Muslims on the March.” Here’s a video of the highlights. You can see the entire show here. Joining me on the panel is Frontpage’s Magazine’s sagacious editor Jamie Glazov, scholar Dr. Andrew Bostom, conservative columnist and FOX television and radio commentator Todd Starnes, former Navy seal Carl Higbie, journalist Judith Miller, formerly of the New York Times Washington bureau, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs under President Ronald Reagan KT McFarland, ACT for America’s Brigitte Gabriel, Islamic dissembler Michael Ghouse, and shrieking leftist anklebiter Tamara Holder … the of enormity of her ignorance is only outmatched by the size of her mouth.

Allison Stokke strongly sexy snapshots – Part TWO of FOUR

June 23, 2014

Allison Stokke sexy muscled body photos

Allison Stokke strongly sexy snapshots – Part ONE of FOUR

June 22, 2014

Allison Stokke sexy muscled body photos

Republicans hoodwinked by Dems into trying to outbid Dems for the Latino vote

June 12, 2014

Economics professor Dave Brat crushed House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the Republican primary Tuesday night, in a campaign that was mostly about Cantor’s supporting amnesty for 11 million illegal aliens.

This marks the first time a U.S. House majority leader has ever lost a primary election.

His crushing defeat reinforces a central point: Whenever the voters know an election is about immigration, they will always vote against more immigration — especially amnesty.

Cantor spent more than $5 million on his campaign. Brat spent less than $150,000. But Brat made the election about Cantor’s support for amnesty, so he won.

The pro-amnesty crowd — i.e., everyone except the American people — promptly lost its collective mind. The amnesty shills went on the attack, insisting that Cantor’s historic defeat had nothing to do amnesty. Brat’s triumph was touted as simply a victory for the “tea party.”

Of course, these are the same people who also try to persuade us that amnesty isn’t “amnesty,” illegal aliens aren’t “illegal aliens” (they’re “undocumented workers”!), and that there are 30 million jobs Americans won’t do at any price.

In fact, however, the tea party had nothing to do with Brat’s victory. Only the small, local tea party groups stand for anything anymore, but they’re as different from the media-recognized “tea party” as lay Catholics are from the Catholic bishops.


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