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Barbara Streisand mad at James Brolin for allegedly flirting with Kim Kardashian

August 9, 2014

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Please don’t feed the Kardashians

August 5, 2014

Ayelet Waldman has a bone to pick with the Kardashians.
The novelist, wife of fellow writer Michael Chabon, is livid at the reigning first family of reality TV after her son lost $120 to the mega-popular smartphone game “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.”
In a rant that bridged both Facebook and Twitter on Sunday evening, the 49-year-old, who once drew criticism for writing that she loved her husband more than her children, relayed the story of her 11-year-old son Abe’s horrifying realization that he had been bilked for $120 by the game.

Rumors say Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage is burnt toast

July 25, 2014

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Kim Kardashian needs Kanye West’s photo on milk cartons after their marriage

July 16, 2014

Just 46 days after their wedding, the couple have spent just 10 nights together following the honeymoon!

Kim is also parenting their daughter, North, on her own, say sources, and considers herself a fifth wheel while sister Khloé hangs out with beau French Montana, and pregnant sis Kourtney plays house with Scott Disick and their two kids. Even worse, in the next few months, Kanye’s tour will take him to San Francisco and Australia.

Insiders say Kim is worried that his absence may tempt him to cheat.

“Kanye has women throwing themselves at him wherever he goes,” said the source. “Although he vowed to remain faithful to Kim, there’s that old saying, ‘out of sight, out of mind.’”

To top it off, Kim is frustrated that she and Kanye still have no home to call their own. Although they had been renovating their Bel-Air mansion, they recently decided to sell it. But Kanye is never in town long enough to help Kim house-hunt!

“This just wasn’t the way Kim planned it,” said the source. “She’s miserable being away from Kanye, and hoping that when he finishes touring, he’ll take some time off so they can start living the lifestyle she hoped for.”

Kim Kardashian offers pregnancy fashion advice in new interview

July 11, 2014

In a new interview Kim Kardashian appears to have a new perspective on pregnancy fashion as she offered some of her own hard-earned wisdom on the subject.

Kardashians’ eBay Store “Scam”

June 4, 2014

The Kardashian family might want to get out of the used clothing business. Kim was slammed earlier this year for donating just ten percent of her lucrative eBay auctions to charity, and now RadarOnline.com has learned that the family’s online sales are coming under fire yet again. Kim, Khloe, Kris and Kylie and Kendall Jenner have all been blasted with negative eBay feedback from buyers accusing them of shipping “defective” and “stained” merchandise, gouging buyers on shipping costs, and even failing to mail purchased items! One buyer even calls the stores a “scam,” and only Radar has all the details.

For more than six years — almost since they became famous — the Keeping Up with the Kardashians family has been able to make a quick buck by shilling their used and otherwise unwanted clothing on eBay. With just ten percent of the proceeds going to charity, it’s clear that the Kardashians are the ones making bank, but according to some buyers, the fans aren’t getting such a great deal either.

Jennifer Lopez is sick of hearing about Kim Kardashian’s big butt

April 28, 2014

JENNIFER LOPEZ is sick and tired of hearing about Kim Kardashian’s famous fanny – and she’s ready to reclaim the throne as America’s favorite booty queen!

Insiders say J.Lo resents the round-reared reality star for butting her out of the spotlight. Before Kim, 33, came on the scene, J.Lo had the most talked-about celebrity backside. But now it’s Kim’s killer curves that are constantly making headlines – and Jennifer, 44, is blasting Kim’s “ass-ets” as fake!

“Jennifer is sick of all the talk about Kim’s butt and how much attention she gets for her curves,” said an insider. “She thinks it’s pathetic, because she believes it’s blatantly obvious Kim’s had some type of lift or treatment to get such a gigantic bottom that sticks out like it does.

5 words that make yu sound stoopid

April 28, 2014

Most of us have been criticized by friends (playfully) and English teachers (earnestly) for slipping up and using words incorrectly in a sentence, and while many of us like to think we have all our basic grammar principles down, we still misuse some common words in our everyday conversations.

Dictionary.com compiled a short list of these words that we carelessly slip into sentences to give ourselves more time to think and, in doing so, ruin the sentence. These so-called “crutch words” detract from your main message and don’t add useful meaning to your statement.

Angelina Jolie calls Kim Kardashian a “Witless Bimbo”

April 13, 2014

ANGELINA JOLIE has launched a scathing attack on Kim Kardashian – calling her a “witless bimbo” for using Twitter in a misguided attempt to protect Armenians in Syria, say sources.

The battle erupted after the 33-year-old reality star and fiancee of rapper Kanye West urged her 20 million Twitter followers to help save the ancient Armenian Christian village of Kasab, which had been seized by rebels in the Syrian civil war.

But her efforts backfired big-time when supporters of Syrian despot Bashar al-Assad used her tweet to bolster propaganda that the rebels had slaughtered residents and desecrated churches.

Selfie addiction may cause mental illness

April 10, 2014

Having an addiction to taking selfies, may cause mental illness, according to an expert.
Danny Bowman, a man diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder, explained that he grew suicidal due to his addiction taking selfies, Guardian Liberty Voice reported. Bowman shared that he would shoot about 200 pictures a day in an attempt to take the “right” selfie of himself. He also said that he would spend up to 10 hours a day taking selfies.
Bowman attempted suicide by taking an overdose of drugs when he couldn’t take what he felt to be the perfect selfie.
In trying to care for Bowman, Dr. David Veal expressed to Guardian Liberty Voice that taking too many selfies may cause mental illness, including body dysmorphic disorder, which has an “extremely high suicide rate.”
Bowman’s parents, who are both mental health professionals, explained that they believe there is a “huge lack of understanding” about how risky electronic gadgets and social media can be for users. His parents shared that his addiction to taking selfies caused him to dramatically lose weight, in addition to him trying to commit suicide.
Expert Dr. Pamela Rutledge explained in an article for Psychology Today that taking selfies is indicative of narcissism, attention seeking behavior and self-indulgence.


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