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Trannies without knives brawl at Taco shop

August 7, 2012

-___GREEN link below . Taco Shop Drag  Queen Tranny  brawl – YouTube

Golden Girls of Porn at the Museum of Sex

June 13, 2012

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) –It’s going to get a bit hot and steamy in the city.

Five female porn stars from the “Golden Age of Porn” are holding a reunion at the Museum of Sex in Manhattan.

Veronica Hart, Gloria Leonard, Candida Royalle, Veronica Vera and Annie Sprinkle dominated the industry during the era of big, thick mustaches.

American Swingers never as sexy as they think they are

May 31, 2012

The Inside World of American Swingers VIDEO

Woman’s Homopobic rant goes viral

May 13, 2012

Woman’s Homopobic rant goes viral on the Internet

Obama store now selling LGBT for Obama items

May 11, 2012

. ______GREEN link below Obama Store Now Offers LGBT Items… .

Obama Master of Sophistry

May 10, 2012

Obama tells gays what they want to hear just before Clooney fundraiser

Obama’s Big Gay Announcement

May 10, 2012

______GREEN link below GAWKER: Bulls**t Announcement… .

George Clooney holds Obama fundraiser

May 10, 2012

. Obama‘s sudden support of gay marriage nets him $1MILLION in just 90 minutes as Republicans accuse him of ‘playing politics’ . Clooney to hold fundraising dinner for Obama in his own home (and it’s set to make a record-breaking £12million) . . .

Kate Gosselin called Tranny on Twitter

April 3, 2012

KATE GOSSELIN called “tranny” – Twitter war unleashed….AGAIN.

Now more famous for her Twit wit wars than her erstwhile reality series, Kate banned a follower on Sunday after they wrote “No answer, you stupid, talentless tranny? C’mon, tell me ‘have a nice day’ & block me…can’t have ppl telling you the truth!”

Kate saw that troll’s derisive comment and said sayonara faster than you can type 140 characters or less.

“nope. Can’t have people bullying, name calling, and telling UNTRUTHS… So, yes, you are now blocked,” Kate wrote about the offensive Tweet.

Kate may be many things, but not a transsexual – not with 8 kids, RadarOnline.com reported.

Kyle Richards no fan of love rat Kelsey Grammer

February 22, 2012

“Real” Beverly Hills Housewife KYLE RICHARDS reacted like a rattlesnake was about to bite when the maitre d’ at trendy, always packed Il Pastaio restaurant seated her and a galpal at a choice table – just inches from KELSEY GRAMMER and new-ish, pregnant wife KAYTE!


“The instant Kyle and Kelsey made eye contact, the tension was so thick you could’ve cut the air with a knife,” said My SpyWitness.

“Kyle – who famously supported her ‘Housewives’ co-star CAMILLE GRAMMER when hubby Kelsey brutally dumped her during the show’s first season – immediately leaped up and demanded another table…as far away from him as possible!”

Kyle got her wish – but was forced to endure a half-hour wait


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