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Caitlyn Jenner lapping up the money milk

June 14, 2015

BRUCE JENNER didn’t just transform himself into CAITLYN – he became The $4 Million Woman! In this exclusive breakdown, The National ENQUIRER has exposed the true cost of getting Bruce ready for his gold-medal debut as a lovely lady.

We’re also revealing the money has been well spent.

The gender-bending Olympian is now ready to cash in on HER newfound fame to the tune of $500 million – which should buy Caitlyn plenty of designer shoes!

THE BODY: Breast augmentation – $9,000 ν Genital reassignment – $10,000 to $20,000

– Continual hormone treatment – $500 a month, $6,000 yearly, and projected for next 20 years at $120,000

Liberals claim to love the folks they shamelessly use to advance their Liberal agenda

June 10, 2015

Every story that declares that Caitlyn is a real woman is saying that Bruce was a failure, a bad thing, a mistake. For if Caitlyn is the real Jenner, shouldn’t she have been seen sooner? Those articles imply that Bruce suppressed Caitlyn, but if that’s true, and it’s true that Caitlyn is the real deal then Bruce was pretty horrible to keep Caitlyn in the closet.

Liberals can’t have it both ways — they can’t declare that Caitlyn is really a woman and that Bruce did nothing reprehensible.

But as always liberals continue to claim they love the folks they carelessly use to advance their goals.

Men: Too stoic to whine

June 5, 2015

The transformation of Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce, poses an interesting question: do transsexuals and the “gender fluid” suffer from so-called “male privilege,” a buzz phrase commonly used by feminists?

Doesn’t it seem contradictory that leftists claim men have deep-seeded “male privilege,” yet they also say that people are free to choose their own “gender identity?”

Caitlyn Jenner victim of ‘Transgender Assumption Disorder’?

June 5, 2015

Unfortunately, the tragedy of sexual-reassignment surgery has a sordid history.

The heinous idea began with well-known sexual-perversion advocate Alfred Kinsey. Contending that people are “sexual from birth,” he used experiments on babies during World War II. His legacy stands largely unchallenged today by the American Medical Association, despite his advocacy of bestiality, pedophilia, sadomasochism and incest.

Obama does not need 70 more sheep

June 2, 2015

D.J. Dolce explains her theory about Fox News’ approach to Rand Paul

FBI’s celebrity ‘Dirt Files’ unearthed

May 28, 2015

For decades, the FBI has kept its top secret “Dirt Files” on America’s biggest celebrities hidden from the public – but now The National ENQUIRER can expose them in a blockbuster world exclusive!

Our eye-popping special report was compiled by a team of topnotch investigative ENQU IRER reporters, who analyzed thousands of pages of previously classified government documents.

Their research unearthed a treasure trove of scintillating scandals ranging from clandestine love affairs and secret criminal activity to hushed-up death th reats and closeted gay sex.

The secret celeb dossiers read like a “Who’s Who of Holly wood,” including Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and more.

Here, exclusively for ENQUIRER readers, are the sizzling secrets buried in the FBI’s never-beforeseen “Dirt Files!”

Hacker rips Swinger’s secrets out of their closets

May 24, 2015

More than 3.5 million people’s sexual preferences, fetishes and secrets have been exposed after dating site Adult FriendFinder was hacked.
Already, some of the adult website’s customers are being identified by name.

Maid Max – Furiosa Road

May 23, 2015

The backlash against Hollywood’s latest cauldron of coprolites (Mad Max: Fury Road) seems to have taken the mainstream media by surprise. Expecting the gullible (but reliable) male public to dine from Hollywood’s usual trough of trash, they were rocked back on their psychic heels by manosphere calls for a boycott of the movie.

(Personally, I’ll admit to a grudge against the movie from the beginning. No one, in my view, has any right to be behind the wheel of the “last of the V-8 Interceptors” except Mel Gibson. And I’ll bet you he could still have pulled it off in 2015. Where are ye, Mel? We still love ye.)


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