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Beware the Gay Rights ‘Sharia’

March 22, 2015

Traditional parenting is being drowned out by “gay rights sharia”, the respected journalist Charles Moore has said. Commenting on the recent spat between fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana and Elton John over the rights of gay parents to have children, Mr Moore opined that the holding of socially conservative views is now “teetering on the edge of criminality”.

Co-Sex bathrooms flushed in North Carolina

March 3, 2015

Hundreds turned out to speak to a proposed ordinance in Charlotte, N.C., that would have allowed transgenders the legal right to use whichever bathroom they most identified with, regardless of their physical genders.

And after roughly five hours of debate, the proposal failed, 6-5, the Charlotte Observer reported.

Rosie’s dinner disaster divorce drama

February 27, 2015

ROSIE O’DONNELL wrecked her marriage when she “went nuts” in a Thanksgiving Day tantrum fueled by booze and drugs!

In a blockbuster world exclusive, The National ENQUIRER can reveal the untold story of Rosie’s relationship-ending meltdown, which left terrified wife Michelle Rounds locked in a bathroom and fearing for the safety of both herself and their 2-year-old daughter.

Multiple sources have confirmed the shocking incident took place last November at Rosie’s home on Casey Key – north of Sarasota, Fla. – with raging Rosie throwing a holiday tantrum in front of Michelle’s visiting relatives!

The dinner disaster began when the former television host announced to several guests that she was planning to divorce Michelle.

“Everyone was pretty much floored, after having been invited to Florida for the holiday,” said one insider. “At the meal, Rosie just remained stone silent. It was uncomfortable for everyone.”

Finally, Michelle dared to confront Rosie about her talk of ending their marriage.

A source said: “Rosie went into a rage. Her screaming was loud enough for everyone to hear.”

That’s when Michelle locked herself in the bathroom, as her rampaging wife repeatedly screamed at her: “Where’s the Xanax, b—h?”

Paedophile Teacher who molested boys slapped on the wrist with 6 months

February 26, 2015

A former Knox Grammar teacher and convicted sex offender who took the stand on Tuesday at the royal commission into child sexual abuse said he was not fired when the school learned of his abuse.

Craig Treloar, a former teacher at the elite boy’s school, told the inquest he expected to be fired when he was caught, but was instead shown leniency, the ABC reported.

He engaged in sexual abuse with young male students at the school, as well as showing them pornographic images with some depicting bestiality.

Treloar – who was convicted on a number of charges including sexual abuse in 2010 – told the commission he expected to be sacked by the then principal Dr Ian Paterson after he admitted to showing students porn in 1987, but he was not reprimanded.

Bruce Jenner’s transformation odyssey

February 26, 2015

After months of speculation, Bruce Jenner’s mother has confirmed that he is undergoing the transition to become a woman.

It has been a much-pondered topic in recent months, due to the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star’s changing and increasingly feminine appearance.

And now the Olympian’s parent has spoken out about the dramatic changes he is facing, admitting she has ‘never been more proud of Bruce’.

Celebrity Sex Secrets from ‘The Vault’

February 21, 2015

. . . .

Johnny Depp’s cheating fears fueled by his bisexual bride

February 19, 2015

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Male Transexuals get some female’s boxer shorts in a wad

February 15, 2015

As a connoisseur of leftist cannibalism, I enjoy watching the internecine squabbling of groups competing for the top spot on the hierarchy of oppression as if they were puppies stepping on one another’s necks straining for a tug on the warm teat of sympathy.

Male-to-female transsexuals—who, as luck would have it, have always constituted the vast majority of those who feel they were born wearing the wrong genital costumery—have recently emerged as perhaps the most rabidly militant of all identity groups strung along the vast fractured progressive rainbow. In their manic quest to force the world into parroting the obvious lie that they are women, they have stumbled upon an unexpected foe—radical feminists who have real, God-given vaginas.

This is a struggle—laden with a hilarious level of acrimony—between men who insist they’re women and women who insist that the most crucial part of being a woman involves popping out of your mother’s vagina with a vagina of your own. The latter group is disparagingly referred to as TERFs—Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists—due to the fact that they feel male-to-female trannies are trying to party-crash their struggle against historical oppression. The TERFs argue that for men to pretend they’re women is insulting to real women. To them, it is a genital form of blackface

Bisexual Males are not confused Gays/Straights

February 15, 2015

Society has long refused to recognize male bisexuality. Bisexual men were believed to be gay who from time to time allow an affair with a woman. Science proved that bisexuals do exist in pure form. However, they admit that the society will not soon begin to understand the nuances of sexuality.

Researchers at Northwestern University of the USA found evidence that some men who consider themselves bisexual can indeed be attracted to both sexes. Not to say that this was some kind of revelation to the public, but scientists have finally calmed down as they have been tormented with the question of the nature of bisexuality for years.

Back in 2005, a number of psychologists, including those from the aforementioned university, said that there is no such thing as male bisexuality. This conclusion rightly outraged bisexuals. Activists also accused the researchers of supporting the stereotype that bisexuals are gay unwilling to admit it and therefore opening up only half of the truth.


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